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OEM Dodge & Jeep Shocks Blog

Navigating perilous terrains while enjoying scenic views of vast landscapes is a skill that’s best reserved to people who are not afraid to ride monstrous 4x4 off-roaders. When it comes to off-road vehicles, only a few can come close to the Ram 1500 in terms of power, style, and comfort. However, if you want to ensure that your Ram 1500 offers you comfortable rides, it is essential that you get its shocks or struts replaced when they call for it.  

How will you know when your Ram 1500’s shocks or struts need to replaced? Well, if your vehicle is bumpy and loud whenever it passes over an obstacle on the road, it could mean that it is time to replace your Ram’s shocks or struts. When you search the market for new shocks or struts, you will come across two options – aftermarket shocks and struts and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) shocks and struts. You should buy OEM Dodge shocks and struts and steer clear of their aftermarket counterparts. OEM Jeep Shocks are the best option also unless you're converting it to a Buggy Jeep and want to crawl over 8 foot boulders.

Why Aftermarket Shocks and Struts are a Bad Option?

Aftermarket shocks and struts are a bad choice due to many reasons including:

·      They Aren’t Well Sealed

Even high-quality OEM shocks will seep oil during their mechanical-run, but aftermarket counterparts tend to leak relatively quickly. You will need replacement after only a year or two.

·      They Aren’t Tuned

One size fits all approach is applied to aftermarket shocks and struts. Getting the same shock or strut for numerous vehicles is a normal occurrence. For example, a company may offer the same shock for a small SUV and a large sedan. This makes for poor performance.

·      They Can Blow Out Relatively Easily

Aftermarket shocks and struts may blow out after hitting a bump on the road. This is bad because if a shock blows out, you will have to get it replaced immediately. Imagine the frustration of replacing shocks or struts that you bought only a month ago.

Why OEM Dodge Shocks and Struts are a Better Option?

When you buy new OEM shocks or struts for your Ram 1500, you are essentially buying the same part that was originally installed in your vehicle at the time of manufacturing. This means that these parts have the same reliability and quality that Dodge builds into their new cars. Generally speaking, OEM shocks and struts are the best quality parts you can get for your Ram 1500.

OEM shocks and struts aren’t just great in terms of quality, they are also tuned for your car. that the shocks used in Dodge models are precisely tuned for that specific model. This means that OEM shocks or struts for the Dodge Ram 1500 are compatible with the Ram 1500 so they will perform great with your vehicle.

Aftermarket Shocks and Struts May be Used for Special Purposes

While buying genuine OEM shocks and struts is a good idea, it is important to note that there are some aftermarket varieties of shocks and struts that you could consider for special uses. For example, if you want to enhance the performance of your Ram 1500, you could invest in a set for premium aftermarket performance shocks. These would be specially tuned for performance so they may just meet your special needs. Likewise, if you intend to do a lot of towing with your Ram 1500, you could consider investing in premium aftermarket off-road shocks.

Some Advantages of Using OEM Shocks or Struts

·      Excellent Quality

OEM shocks and struts stand out in terms of quality. Original Manufacturers of vehicles parts never compromise on quality so you can rest assured that you will get high-quality shocks and struts for your Ram 1500.

·      Great Performance

As we mentioned earlier, OEM shocks or struts are tuned for specific vehicles and tuning isn’t based on the size or weight of the vehicle. On the other hand, aftermarket units are generally sold based on the size of the vehicle. This means that you won’t find an aftermarket shock or strut that is specifically made for your Ram 1500.

·      Cheaper in the Long Run

Some people think that aftermarket shocks and struts are a better option because they are inexpensive. However, they don’t realize that in the long run OEM shocks and struts prove to be more economical. OEM shocks/struts will last two or three times longer than their aftermarket counterparts.

Final Thoughts

While there are certain situations where you might consider buying aftermarket shocks or struts, they are generally not a good option in normal circumstances. If you want good quality shocks or struts for your Ram 1500 that are optimized for performance, invest in OEM versions instead of going for their aftermarket counterparts. OEM shocks and struts will certainly cost more upfront, but they will prove economical in the long run as they should last at least four or five years.

So the next time you need to replace your Ram 1500’s shocks or struts, opt for OEM shocks/struts.

You can buy OEM shocks and struts for your Ram 1500 from OEMMopar.Parts. Just select the make, model and year of your vehicle and find the right OEM shocks or struts for it.

If you any questions or need information about the OEM shocks or struts, feel free to contact us at 888 517 2787. We will be more than happy to guide you and help you select the right shocks or struts.