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Why Choose OEM Mopar Spark Plugs?

Why OEM Mopar Spark Plugs Are the Best Choice?

Spark plugs, like several other components of a vehicle, don’t last forever. Even the most durable and long-lasting spark plugs eventually wear out. Fortunately, you can easily swap out worn spark plugs and replace them with a new set. Replacing damaged or worn spark plugs is as easy as changing a tire so you don’t have to take your vehicle to a mechanic to get the spark plugs changed.

All you have to do is get the right set of spark plugs for your car and install them. But, what type of spark plugs should you buy when it is time to replace the old ones? Should you opt for OEM Mopar spark plugs or settle for less expensive aftermarket spark plugs from the automotive store in the local neighborhood? All spark plugs aren’t equal. Aftermarket spark plugs are cheaper than OEM Mopar spark plugs due to certain reasons and those reasons aren’t good. It isn’t worth spending your money in aftermarket plugs. Let’s see why.

The Problem with Aftermarket Spark Plugs

Aftermarket spark plugs aren’t the best option as their manufacturers try to make them as inexpensive as they can. They use low-cost components to make these plugs, which is why they don’t last as long as OEM spark plugs. In addition, there are several other issues with aftermarket spark plugs.

·      Material Quality is Important

Aftermarket spark plugs cost less than their OEM counterparts because lower grade materials are used to manufacture them. For example, most OEM Mopar spark plugs are made using a very pure platinum-iridium alloy and they also have nickel-coated threads – these ensure easy removal and resist corrosion. On the other hand, aftermarket spark plugs are made using a lower grade platinum-iridium alloy or only platinum. This means that these plugs aren’t as durable and long-lasting as OEM spark plugs. Moreover, nickel plated threads are often omitted to reduce the cost of the aftermarket spark plugs. The center electrodes are not always pure, which decrease the performance of spark plugs.

·      Inconsistent Fitment and Gap

The fitment and gap of aftermarket spark plugs are not always consistent. Even if a spark plug is just a little shorter than the original plugs installed in your vehicle, they can reduce fuel economy and power. If they are off by more than just a small amount, they can even cause engine damage.

·      Precise Resistance is Extremely Important

In every spark plug, there is a component called an interference suppression resistor. This prevents the electrical noise generated by the spark plug from producing signals that can interfere with the functions of the entire electrical system. If sub-standard interference suppression resistors are used in a spark plug, they might cause audible static noise in the audio system and functionality problems with navigation, ABS and other complex systems.

·      Electrode Shape and Design Matters a Lot

The electrodes of OEM spark plugs are carefully designed to maintain a specific shape. It costs a lot of money to shape the spark plug right and adds time and complexity to the overall manufacturing process. However, this shaping is essential for maximizing the vehicle’s performance as the shape of the electrodes determines the efficiency of the combustion event. Manufacturers spend a lot of time and effort into pairing the correct electrode of the spark plug to the vehicle’s engine. If the design of the electrode is changed, the fuel economy and horsepower of your vehicle will suffer.

Why OEM Mopar Spark Plugs are the Best?

Auto manufacturers always use OEM spark plugs in their vehicles because they are concerned about performance and economy. They maximize fuel economy to satisfy their consumers and meet federal regulations. Auto manufacturers also need to ensure that their vehicles perform great because they want to sell their vehicles to as many customers as possible. They understand that customers desire high performance and fuel-efficient vehicles and OEM spark plug can help them provide that.

Always Opt for OEM Mopar Spark Plugs

It is easy to say that I don’t care about spark plugs lasting another 100,000 miles; I want to save my money. However, inexpensive aftermarket spark plugs won’t help you save money; in fact, they will cost you more in the long term. If you buy cheap spark plugs that affect the fuel economy of your engine, you will end up increasing fuel costs. For example, if you spend $200 a month on fuel and your spark plugs decrease gas mileage by 3 percent, you will add $6 a month to your overall fuel bill (3 percent of $50 is $6). You will be spending $6 dollars more on fuel every month just because of your aftermarket spark plugs. Thus, the spark plugs that you thought would save you money will actually make you lose your hard-earned dollars.

So even if you want to save money and aren’t concerned about longevity, OEM Mopar spark plugs are still the best choice. They will ensure maximum fuel economy and performance and that will allow you to save on your fuel expenses.

Final Thoughts

OEM Mopar spark plugs are clearly a better choice than aftermarket plugs. If you want to keep your vehicle performing efficiently and save money on fuel, always replace your existing spark plugs with OEM Mopar plugs. If you want to buy OEM Mopar spark plugs for your Chrysler, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Dodge Journey, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, Ram 1500 or Ram 2500, visit OEMMopar.Parts