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Why Choose Genuine Dodge, Chrysler & Jeep Parts?


There are many parts choices today online for Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep owners for "dressing out" their beloved vehicle. Sometimes these options work as advertised and unfortunately sometimes not. With the introduction of foreign manufacturing at less costs many vehicle parts are not manufactured under top tier Mopar standards. 

The facility and its' testing of parts may not be monitored for quality, durability and performance. Even the materials used sometimes are questionable and lastly there are counterfeit or fake parts in circulation that that if obtained, may even put a user in harms way depending on the parts utilized. For example, control arms or suspension parts that are not built to Original Mopar Standards.

Genuine Mopar Parts like the parts we offer can be in many ways the better choice for different reasons. 

OEM Mopar Parts

Genuine Dodge, Chrysler Jeep Parts enhance resale value to discerning buyers. They are tested to exacting standards that must include full production car performance, durability and quality. When you purchase OEM Parts at you are ensuring you are getting the latest original version of the parts you require. OEM Parts carry a Nationwide Mopar Manufacturer Warranty and usually are warranted longer than aftermarket parts. At you have ease of ordering, tracking and can speak to parts experts whenever the need arises.

Aftermarket Parts

Many times you have a limited selection of aftermarket parts depending on the Mopar model you own. For example trucks and Jeeps have a wide variety of aftermarket choices. Chrysler vehicles and Dodge cars not as many. However, aftermarket parts sometimes require modification and adaptations that can void your manufacturer warranty depending upon the parts used. They also may not have as long a warranty as OEM Parts. Durability can be a problem too. For example aftermarket decals are a pretty safe choice right? Again, the difference is Mopar actually runs stringent ultraviolet light testing on vehicle decals to make sure they last in climates with the most sun like Florida, Texas, Arizona, Colorado and California! There is no guarantee of this type of testing or quality with aftermarket parts. 

Still, fitment can be the bigger issue in some cases. All Genuine Parts at are guaranteed to fit if you utilize our Search by VIN feature. We all have choices to weigh in life. At we simply suggest you research and choose wisely before ordering parts or accessories for your Mopar pride and joy.