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OEM Mopar Brake Pad Features

Genuine OEM Mopar Brake Pads are a Better Option than Aftermarket Ones

Everyone knows how important their vehicle’s brakes are – without them, you would never be able to bring your car to a complete stop in time. Driving with malfunctioning brakes is extremely dangerous, as you risk running into a catastrophic accident when you can’t properly stop your car. When you use your vehicle’s brakes more and more, a component called the ‘brake pad’ wears down.

An average brake pad lasts anywhere between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. When your brakes aren’t functioning properly, it could be a sign that your brake pad has worn out and needs to be replaced.If you hear squealing it can indicate you are running metal on metal rotors. Rotors that get worn by metal get grooved and need resurfacing or replaced which is more expense.

When replacing the brake pad, you will have two options to choose from – OEM Mopar brake pads and aftermarket brake pads. Each has its pros and cons. So, which one is the better option? Well, that’s what we are here to tell.

Genuine OEM Mopar Brake Pads

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer” and these parts are what came with your car when it was brand new. Customers are confident about using these automotive parts, as they are made by established brands like Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, etc. Automotive manufacturers must meet several criteria with all aspects of their vehicles. They can’t compromise on quality and all the components are manufactured to meet specific requirements; otherwise, they won’t make it to a vehicle. Because of the rigorous testing procedures, you can rest assured that you will get a high-quality component for your vehicle that is covered by warranty.

When you are looking for replacement parts for your vehicle, it is easier to sort through OEM components based on your vehicle’s make, model, and year. You will be provided with a limited number of high-quality replacement parts or just a single part in certain cases. This makes it much simpler to find the right parts.On you can enter your VIN number and see all the parts available for your exact vehicle. Pretty cool!

Automotive manufacturers put a lot of time and resources into the development of OEM parts to optimize them for the car they’re fitted on. Mopar develops brake pads to limit dust and noise while promoting lifetime and stopping ability. These are optimal properties for most drivers and Mopar is focused on these values. On the other hand, aftermarket manufacturers are more concerned about keeping the cost downs and generally prioritize other functions over optimization.

Aftermarket Brake Pads

Aftermarket components include all those options for your vehicle that aren’t produced by it’s the original manufacturer. They are widely available on the internet and brick-and-mortar stores which makes them more widely accessible compared to OEM parts.

There is usually a small selection or just one OEM part that can meet your vehicle’s needs but this isn’t the case with aftermarket parts. There is a huge market for aftermarket parts so there are a large number of players offering these parts. This makes it overwhelming for you to shop for aftermarket brake pads and other parts. You’ll need to know a lot about your car and the components you are looking for. This makes it extremely complicated to shop for OEM parts.

If you want a brake pad that focuses on a particular performance aspect, there might be an aftermarket offering that would be more appealing to you. A different process is used to manufacture aftermarket brake pads, giving them various properties like stopping extremely heavy loads more efficiently. However, this means that other performance aspects are usually compromised.

Due to a large number of aftermarket components, many price points are available. The variety of pricing options may be appealing to people on a budget. However, the principle of “you get what you pay for” is true with aftermarket brake pads and other components. It is a bad idea to settle for the cheapest brake pad for stopping your vehicle. Also, where OEM Mopar brake pads are generally guaranteed for a year, it is common for aftermarket offerings to not come with any warranty to curb costs. Since there is no warranty, you are at the risk of buying faulty parts and losing your dough.

Final Thoughts

There are pros and cons to OEM brake parts and aftermarket ones. We recommend only installing tested Genuine OEM Mopar Brake Pads for Longevity, Specification and Quality. Brake pads are essential to your safety and Mopar OEM brake pads are tested to ensure that they will continue to function efficiently for a long time. On the other hand, aftermarket brake pads can compromise on quality which makes them a riskier option for you. Therefore, when you have to replace your vehicle’s worn-out brake pads, buy OEM brake pads from a reliable dealership like OEMMopar.Parts.

We have a large number of OEM brake pads available for you to choose from. We offer brake pads for Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Chrysler vehicles. All you have to do is choose the make, model, and year of your vehicle and you will find an OEM brake pad for your car.